Your gynecologist in Bonn Dr. med. Birgit Forster

A warm welcome to my (holistic) medical practice for gynecology and obstetrics (OB/GYN)! I am committed to your health with diligence, competence, time and the highest quality of care. I would like to be your partner through every stage of your life.

Our medical practice offers the following services

Routine preventive care and cancer screenings (Pap smears), diagnostics and conservative therapy of gynecological diseases, consultation services for family planning, contraception, menopausal issues, hormonal and metabolic questions and incontinence; supportive care and follow-up treatment of cancers, individualized health services for gynecological preventive care.

Preventive pregnancy care, care during high-risk pregnancies, color doppler sonography, diagnosis of infection diseases in pregnancy, acupuncture, hypnosis.

Regular checks of vaccination status can prevent a plethora of diseases as well as their secondary health issues. Please bring your vaccination records to your first appointment.
General preventive care including consultation and lab work, acupuncture.


You can reach us at (0228 2425 4636) to make appointments during regular office hours or use our online appointment calendar.

Prescriptions or referrals can only be picked up during office hours.

We strive to manage appointments efficiently. We therefore ask you to call ahead in case of a medical emergency. This enables us to block appropriate time for your appointment. We furthermore would like to ask you to cancel any appointments that you are not able to keep.


S-Bahn VRS Linie 61 und 62: exit Rittershausstraße, SWB Bus 600: exit Wilhelm-Levison-Straße, or by car: parking available at Parkhaus Südstadtgarage Bonner Talweg.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Dr. med. Birgit Forster

Ermekeilstraße 46
53113 Bonn
Telefon 0228 2425 4636
Fax 0228 2425 5101
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Montag – Freitag 8 - 13 Uhr
Dienstag + Donnerstag 16 - 19 Uhr
Termine nach Vereinbarung.

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